Free Web Push Notification solution available now

Modern push messages are becoming increasingly popular with marketers and users. Whether via app or browser push, more than 10% of consumers already allow themselves to be informed via push notification – and the trend is rising.

Marketers and users excited about push communication

No wonder, because push short messages always keep recipients informed in real time and are ideally suited to communication in the messaging age. With push messages, companies reach customers and prospects immediately – even in the lock screen. The messages are always particularly relevant when they include the behavior of the recipient on the respective website. A push reminder about the forgotten shopping cart, interesting new items, or individual discount coupons are welcome, especially click-worthy information that creates excitement among recipients.

Convincing response rates and independent of large platforms

The enthusiasm among marketing and online managers is equally unbroken, push messages today achieve click and response rates previously only known from the early days of e-mail newsletters. Data protection was also considered in the development of the open Web Push standard: no personal data is required and Push readers have the communication channel fully under their control at all times. Marketers therefore do not have to worry about the GDPR for once.

Another important advantage for online managers is that they become less dependent on the major advertising platforms and cookie-based retargeting. This is because the accuracy of these measures is torpedoed on the one hand by initiatives from Apple and Firefox with Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) and on the other hand the ECJ has been demanding explicit consent for cookies since October. The result: reduced reach and falling sales.

New, free solution for push marketing without volume limitation

Whereas marketing automation for needs-oriented customer communication used to be quite costly and very complex for companies to make on a technical level, the new Signalize solution now aims to change this. With Signalize, the analytics specialist etracker is launching a marketing automation solution that sets new standards in terms of simplicity – but above all in terms of price. Completely free of charge and with no volume limit, companies of any size can immediately benefit from the new notification channel thanks to Signalize.

“With Signalize, we enable every company to enter modern push marketing – with full sovereignty over their own customers and acquired data,” says etracker CEO Olaf Brandt. Because unlike the big data giants, Signalize relies entirely on the data sovereignty of its customers. Without a “lock-in” effect, all data obtained remains exclusively in the possession of the user, who can thus reach his users again and again – without having to pay again for each customer contact. At the same time, Signalize does not use its customers’ data for its own purposes and does not share it with third parties. Data protection is thus always 100% guaranteed.

All data points without complex tagging

The special feature of the Signalize solution is that it is based at its core on etracker’s audience tracking technology, which has been tried and tested for many years. Unlike comparable solutions, there is therefore no need to implement complex tagging of individual data points for segmentation or as push triggers. All it takes is to insert the Signalize code on the website via one of the numerous standard plugins and all the data is available for automation and segmentation. Today’s etracker Analytics users have it especially easy: They don’t have to make any changes and receive Signalize Free automatically.

Premium solution for high demands

For the high demands of marketing professionals who want to communicate in multiple languages, have complex automation tasks or want to address their target groups behaviorally in real time, Signalize Premium is the right solution. Starting at just €29 per month, users can access premium support in addition to numerous premium functions.
“With Signalize, we have found a new communication channel that has significantly increased both traffic to our site and conversions,” said Carolin Schlicht, Online Marketing Manager at NordwestLotto Schleswig-Holstein, summarizing her experience.

Those looking to get started in push marketing need to hurry: Only 500 free registrations per week will be accepted in a start-up phase until the end of the year:

About Signalize

Signalize is the free marketing automation platform for the messaging age from etracker. The full potential of web and mobile push marketing is now available to everyone thanks to Signalize. DSGVO-compliant, website operators send short messages in minutes with Signalize Free – completely free of charge and without volume limits.
Signalize Premium also offers extensive automation capabilities, plug-and-play segmentation, and multi-language support for the sophisticated needs of marketing and communications professionals.

A unique feature is Signalize data management, where virtually all website touchpoints can be used for audience segmentation – without the need for complex tagging.
Signalize is the new SaaS solution from etracker, the long-standing web and app analytics expert. At its core, it is based on the established etracker audience tracking technology, which has been independently tested and awarded for its GDPR compliance.

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Signalize is a product of the etracker GmbH, Erste Brunnenstr. 1, 20459 Hamburg, Deutschland

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