Howto: Asking for user preferences at subscription

Not every user wants to be informed about all offers, innovations or changes on your website, but is only interested in certain segments of your offer.

That’s why Signalize offers you the possibility to ask users’ interests directly with the opt-in and thus send targeted messages. The topics you provide to your users can be freely chosen by you.

How can I add topics to my opt-in?

Prerequisite: In order to be able to query topics, consents must be collected via the user’s own domain.

To create topics that you can offer users to choose from when opting in, there is an item called subjects in the settings. The number and naming of the topics can be defined here. Existing topics can also be edited and deleted.

Subsequently, the switch for “Show topic selection in opt-in dialog” is activated in the opt-in settings.

In addition, the input field Note topic selection (optional) must be filled with the heading of the topic selection. In our example, “What are you interested in?”.

When creating new messages, you select the topic areas that match the message by selecting the SIGNALIZE_INTEREST segment and entering the associated subject area. If a message refers to more than one topic, use the “Add another property” option.