Coupon Marketing with Signalize

Coupon marketing is an important part of the marketing mix in B2C commerce. No wonder sending vouchers via push notifications is efficient and popular.

If you use coupons too inflationarily, you run the risk of them losing their appeal, turning customers into bargain hunters, and losing margin unnecessarily. As with many other things, using coupons comes down to the right dosage and approach. Therefore, it is important to think about the basic goals in advance.

Get maximum response from your recipients with these tips and tricks for using coupon codes in notifications.

Increase Opt-Ins

Coupons have proven effective for increasing newsletter distributors. However, they can equally provide an additional incentive for the visitor to give consent to receive push notifications.

Win New Customers

Vouchers can be used specifically to attract new customers. A discount can ensure that previously uncertain prospective customers decide to make a purchase.

Save Conversions

Just as coupons can help persuade first-time visitors to make a purchase, they are also a proven way to encourage further purchases and specifically respond to abandoned carts, abandonment after more intensive research, or checkout abandonment.

Retain valuable customers

Reward your existing customers with coupons and show them appreciation; this increases loyalty. Coupons can also be used immediately after a purchase to encourage a new purchase.

Win Back Customers

It is often much easier than acquiring new customers to reactivate former or inactive customers. Here, too, vouchers are not infrequently an incentive.

Target bargain hunters

Some customers respond more strongly to price discounts than others. If the navigation section “Sale” appears high up in their visitor profile, this is a clear sign of bargain affinity. Likewise, eCommerce tracking can be used to indicate whether items are discounted. For example, segmentation can be done according to the preference of this product feature in the visitor profile.

A coupon code that stays

can be sent via notifications with coupon codes, the challenge is that the notification disappears as soon as recipients click on it. Thus, the code displayed in it also disappears never to be seen again. If the customer has not memorized the code, this is likely to frustrate him and the effect of the voucher is more likely to be detrimental. Therefore, you should use voucher plugins for your store that display the appropriate voucher via overlay in the store when users call the store with the corresponding link.

Alternatively, a coupon code can also be displayed using etracker Optimiser. Visitors who arrive at the website via a voucher notification can be shown a sticky or message bar at the top of the screen with the corresponding code. Now the customer can shop at their leisure and transfer the code to the appropriate place in the checkout process.