Dos and Don’ts with Push Notifications

Here you will find the most important Dos and Don’ts so that you can enjoy the success of your notifications and your recipients can enjoy a great service:

  • Style: formulate crisp messages that get to the heart of what you want to convey in just a few words (and emoticons).
  • Testing: Try out different hooks, images and speeches.
  • Content: Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what topics and occasions add value for them.
  • Segmentation: Consider how best to tailor notifications to different audiences and their interests.
  • Timing: Schedule your push notifications to match the content and browsing behavior of your customers. Consider when the notification is most likely to reach recipients.
  • Frequency: Find the happy medium between sending too often and too infrequently to strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  • Tracking: Track the opt-in process as well as the response to your notifications and their success. The latter also means keeping an eye on bounce and conversion rates.
  • Duration: Give the notification an expiration date, but don’t send notifications only at a one-time point if they remain relevant for a longer period of time. Also inform subscribers who join after shipping begins with content that is still current.
  • Marketing Automation: Automatically send welcome notifications or specific notifications to selected recipients on a continuous basis; also behavior-based e.g. in case of cancelled orders or longer inactivity.
  • Cross Channel: Combine push notifications with overlay message bars on your website to display coupon codes, for example. Because the content of the push notification disappears after the click!

Do you have questions or need assistance? We’ll be happy to advise you on your push marketing strategy.