Tips for Successful Notification Titles

The title of a push notification is just as important as the subject line of an email: Both determine whether the message is clicked or not. However, push notifications enjoy three advantages over emails:

  1. They don’t have to stand out and be noticed by the subject line in an overflowing inbox, but are mostly noticed right when they are received.
  2. The entire content of the notification (consisting of image, title, message and target link) is immediately visible.
  3. Design options of a notification like emoticons and images have a powerful effect.

Nevertheless, notifications must be clear and understandable, convey exclusivity and urgency, and arouse curiosity. In terms of design, notifications should be based on habits in app and messenger notifications.

Email subjects are definitely an excellent source of inspiration for notification titles. If you’re looking for ideas, just create a fresh inbox and subscribe to all the newsletters from market companions and other interesting vendors and get inspired. There’s bound to be something for your next push notification:

  • Best of New Arrivals
  • Free Shipping & 36 New Pieces
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  • Still Interested in XXX?
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