No worries about losing subscribers

Who does not: worry about losing the subscribers you have won so far when changing providers? After all, they are the foundation of successful push marketing.

But this worry is completely unjustified, because all subscribers can be taken on board when switching to Signalize. The only condition: they have been collected on your own domain by a service worker.

How a lift works? Subscribers can be taken over to Signalize via migration or – if the old provider provides it – by a one-time import of the recipient list.

Migration of subscribers

After the code and service worker of the old Web Push provider is removed and the Signalize code and service worker is installed on the website, only the opt-in needs to be set up and activated to automatically take over existing Web Push recipients.

Now subscribers receive notifications from Signalize as soon as they visit the Website. The previous Service Worker is removed from the subscriber’s browser and replaced by the Signalize Service Worker. Until then, subscribers can continue to receive notifications from the old provider. Thus, no messages are sent twice to a recipient.

Subscribers are not shown a new invitation or a sign-up dialog. However, during the migration period an automated welcome message should be avoided, because these would also receive migrated subscribers, which could lead to irritations.

Migration takes place automatically over a certain period of time, depending on the frequency of visits to the website.

Import of recipient lists

Some Web Push solutions allow the export of recipient lists in CSV format with the corresponding keys (userPublicKey, userAuth, VAPID public key, VAPID private key). This has the advantage that all previous recipients can be migrated “in one go”. Due to the non-standardised export lists, the support of the Signalize Customer Service is required for which a fee is charged.

Whichever solution is chosen, we can take your worries concerning the loss of subscribers, so that nothing is opposing a change to Signalize.