Connectivity is King

Easily connect your web push marketing solution to your technology ecosystem and custom microservices using interfaces (APIs). This allows you firstly to communicate with your customers in an even more targeted manner and secondly in an even more convenient manner.

Communicate more effectively with Signalize APIs

Signalize is an all-in-one solution that combines web push messaging and website tracking. In this way, recipients’ behavior can be used to target notifications and provide users with content that meets their interests and needs. Web push campaigns can also be made even better and more relevant through this amalgamation.
Here are a few suggestions for use cases that can be easily implemented by connecting Signalize to third-party systems:

Automatically inform your recipients about

  • new products or website content
  • Price reductions or re-availability of items
  • Status changes of their order, account or booking.

You achieve maximum relevance when you combine the information from third-party systems with the behavioral data of the recipients on the website such as:

  • Recipients who have recently viewed but not ordered certain items will be notified of price reductions on those items.
  • Recipients who have a particularly high interest in certain categories, brands or topics are informed about suitable news.

Thanks to the Signalize API, this is not a problem: notifications can be triggered from any third-party system and all the settings that the Signalize interface allows can be made:

  • Content of the notification, that is thumbnail, title, text, target link, large image and buttons,
  • Target group or recipient and
  • dispatch time.

Communicate even more conveniently using Signalize APIs

Creating web push notifications with Signalize is a breeze. However, the Signalize API and feed connection simplify the creation process even further to the point of full automation.
For example, you can automatically alert people to new website and social media content via RSS and Facebook feeds.
In the same way, you can create notifications directly from editorial systems or couple them with them. Especially in times of headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service, you can access existing texts and images and also use the web push channel from your content repository.

Automated connection with just a few clicks via Zapier

Thanks to RESTful APIs, the connection is very slim and flexible. Using the Zapier networking platform, you can automate workflows with Signalize and numerous standard web applications even without programming. This can save an enormous amount of time, but unlike individual interfaces, it raises further data protection issues.

Want even more inspiration and help with integration?

We would be happy to support you with our consulting services in the design of connections and associated workflows. We look forward to hearing from you.

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