Author: Katrin Nebermann

  • Permission Marketing

    Permission Marketing

    The marketing of the future leaves it up to the users to decide whether they want to be kept up to date or not. The concept of permission marketing is more relevant today than ever before – and it’s not new at all. That’s because about 20 years ago, American marketing guru Seth Godin coined […]

  • Push Notifications in Fast Forward

    Push Notifications in Fast Forward

    Push notifications are small clickable messages that, once sent, appear directly on the screens of logged-in recipients to take them back to the website or app. There are four kinds of Push Notifications: Web, App, Wallet und Messenger Push. Its true for all of them: the new channel is fun to use because it takes […]

  • Mobile Push Marketing

    Mobile Push Marketing

    Content Distribution for intensive customer relations on iOS and Android phones with and without app Marketing communication in the messaging age Smartphones in combination with social media and messenger services have permanently changed communication behavior. Companies need more agile marketing communications than ever before to keep pace with their customers. However, mobile communication not only […]

  • Howto: RSS feeds as trigger for push notifications

    Howto: RSS feeds as trigger for push notifications

    RSS feeds are a great way to automatically push out new content to subscribers. To ensure that the new content reaches Signalize subscribers, RSS feeds can be connected to Signalize and used as triggers for automatically sent push notifications. The set up is done inAutomation → RSS Push: Assign an internal name for the RSS […]

  • Free Web Push Notification solution available now

    Free Web Push Notification solution available now

    Modern push messages are becoming increasingly popular with marketers and users. Whether via app or browser push, more than 10% of consumers already allow themselves to be informed via push notification – and the trend is rising. Marketers and users excited about push communication No wonder, because push short messages always keep recipients informed in […]

  • The Big Web Push Guide

    The Big Web Push Guide

    Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Conversion Recovery in the Age of Messenger Communications Chapter 1: Rise of the new communication channel Chapter 2: How Do Web Push Notifications Work Chapter 3: Tuning Tips Chapter 4: Opt-In-Optimization Chapter 5: Click Optimization Chapter 6: Conversion optimization Chapter 7: All according to plan Chapter 8: Marketing Automation […]

  • Case Study Dorint

    Case Study Dorint

    Dorint strengthens customer loyalty through web push marketing with Signalize About Dorint Hotels & Resorts Dorint GmbH has been operating around 60 hotels in Germany and Switzerland under the Dorint Hotels & Resorts brand for 60 years. This makes the Dorint Hotels & Resorts brand one of the leading hotel chains on the German market. […]

  • Howto: Capture trigger events via CSS selector

    Howto: Capture trigger events via CSS selector

    Selector events can be used to capture clicks on any page elements without the need to modify the source code of a web page. These can then be used as triggers for trigger campaigns to automatically provide users with appropriate follow-up messages after certain actions on the website. UnderSettings → Account & Data Protection → […]

  • Connectivity is King

    Connectivity is King

    Easily connect your web push marketing solution to your technology ecosystem and custom microservices using interfaces (APIs). This allows you firstly to communicate with your customers in an even more targeted manner and secondly in an even more convenient manner. Communicate more effectively with Signalize APIs Signalize is an all-in-one solution that combines web push […]

  • Howto: Test Signalize without code embedding

    Howto: Test Signalize without code embedding

    To test Signalize, it is not necessary to integrate the Signalize code on your website. We provide you with a personal demo store where you can test all features without obligation before you go live on your website. Create messages and workflows and send test messages to yourself and others. Just share the link of […]